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how we clean today

Eco-logix – just logical green cleaning solution for the environment.

ReThink ReLearn ReLook  how we clean today

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Eco-logix – just logical green cleaning solution for the environment..


At SApCom, we:

  • Supply 100% eco-friendly products.
  • Apply the right product for the right job.
  • Comply accordance to environment authorities & industrial cleaning standards.



Specialised cleaning products for oil pollution and general maintenance.


Specialised cleaning products for oil pollution and general maintenance.

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Our products meet high safety standards and 100% non-toxic.

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Our Numbers

*data from completed projects

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MT of soil washed
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MT of oil spills cleaned
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MT of sludge oil recovered​
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days saved on pre-soaking and pre-washing​
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sqKM of land oil spills cleaned
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MT of soil remediated
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MT of grease traps treated
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sqM of oil storage tank surfaced cleaned.

Frequently Asked Questions

It is an alternative safe water-based biological cleaning product. It is also a Bio-Degreaser and Bio-Oil-Dispersant made from ecological materials and plant extracts.

Our products are a composition of proprietory plant extracts nutrients and natural blends of non ionic surfactants formulated with phytotechnology. 

The distinction and difference in all our range of products are in the blends and formulation. It is specifically blended and produced according to types of hydrocarbon contamination. E.g.  hydrocarbon waste or contamination in the oil and gas, offshore production and shipping are different as to manufacturing and food sectors.

  • It does not require special machinery
  • No pre-soaking and pre-washing – saves time and increases productivity
  • Being non-toxic, no special or protective gear is required
  • Since it does not affect the health of users, medical expenses are eliminated
  • People using it can enjoy a healthier and safer working environment, resulting in higher productivity
  • Being non-flammable (it is in fact used to put out fire), there will be less risk or occurrence of an industrial chemical fire.
  • Long shelf life on our products – 3 years. This is very suitable for the Marine industry that requires stocking of OSD (Oil Spill Dispersants) at all times.
  • We provide 1 for 1 exchange on expired products.
  • Oil spills – sea, land & shoreline
  • Soil washing & remediation
  • Pipe cleaning
  • tank cleaning
  • Oil pits and sumps
  • Degreasing of equipment and parts
  • Rig maintenance
  • Industrial kitchens
  • Shut down maintenance
  • Grease traps

Should the above range be pre- mixed, bottled and used later, it will not perform with full efficacy as there will be a chemical change and mutation within the properties of our ingredients as well as contamination when it is pre-mixed. Within a short period the product will be unusable and contaminated.

One of AQ 2000 strongest feature is that it does not have a shelf-life as it is not bacteria based. This is definitely an advantage as there will be no wastage of stock. In order to accommodate international supplies standards, we have indicated 3 years. We included a 1:1 exchange after 3 years expiration if unopened in its original packing.

Yes, depending on the applications, in most situations it can be used up to or re-cycled for 3-8 cycles depending on the amount of oil contamination and application methods. AQSP range is blended for oil recovery purpose.

Eco+Plus C300 spill kit caters for oil spills from 25L up to 50L subject to spill conditions and types of oil. It includes absorbent sheets, pillows, booms and AQ2000 Bio-disperant with a set of PPE for a crew of 2. C600 & C900 are for much larger spill sizes, it is from 80L to 200L oil spills.

All our expired products are eligible for 1 for 1 exchange so long it is unopened and sealed in its original packing.


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