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AQ 2000

AQ 2000

It is an alternative safe water-based biological cleaning product. It is also a Bio-Degreaser and Bio-Oil-Dispersant made from ecological materials and plant extracts.

It is 100% biodegradable, non-toxic, non-flammable and not harmful to marine, animal or any other life-form. It also does not affect plastics, metals, coatings, paints and other materials.

Not only is it 100% natural but it is also 100% biodegradable, 100% environmentally and user-friendly and is even safe if accidentally consumed.

Yes, by many international and renowned bodies e.g.

  • ABS (American Bureau of Shipping)
  • DOE ( Department of Environment, Malaysia)
  • IMO (International Maritime Organisation) - Approval for worldwide use
  • Maritime Port Authorities of Singapore
  • NATO - military maintenance with product number
  • SIRIM (Malaysia)
  • TNO (Institute of Environmental Sciences)
  • TUV – Hannover & Singapore
  • Ministry of Health & Environment – Thailand
  • Department of Environment – Kuwait
  • The Philippine Coast Guards
  • Department of Environment – UA
  • Oil spills – sea, land & shoreline
  • Soil washing & remediation
  • Pipe cleaning
  • tank cleaning
  • Oil pits and sumps
  • Degreasing of equipment and parts
  • Rig maintenance
  • Industrial kitchens
  • Shut down maintenance
  • Grease traps

It is capable of converting residue and dissolve hydrocarbon combinations completely into carbon dioxide (CO2), water (H2O) and bio-mass (oxidation process) thus eliminating and biodegrading all animal, vegetable, synthetic and mineral oil, grease and fats in 100% ecological way.

  • 100% in less than 48 minutes in a perfect situation e.g. water treatment plant
  • 100% within 60 minutes in a normal spill situation
  • 100% within 21 days maximum in open sea – subject to oil type.
  • AQ2000 has a range that is ready for use with further 1:1 dilution. The Super series of AQ2000 range will require dilution. The dilution rate or proportion will be provided in accordance with the oil contamination guide.

    SuperSpillClean, SuperRigClean, SuperTankClean, AQSP and SuperBioClean series can be used directly or with dilution.


    They require to be diluted just at the point of usage in order for the range to obtain maximum results. Our product does not work on the basis that the more concentrated the blend, the better the results will be.


    NOTE: These series must not be pre-diluted, bottled, and sold to end-users as they will only become potent immediately when it is diluted with water/seawater or in contact with hydrocarbons. The bio-degradation process will also thus commence immediately. Pre-dilution and pre-packing of our Super series will be contaminated over a period and will not have the efficacy to perform its role properly.

    Should the above range be pre- mixed, bottled and used later, it will not perform with full efficacy as there will be a chemical change and mutation within the properties of our ingredients as well as contamination when it is pre-mixed. Within a short period the product will be unusable and contaminated.

    In the case of our “ready to use” range, they are specially blended with natural additives, stabilizers and preservatives which will ensure its long shelf life and efficacy.

    One of AQ 2000 strongest feature is that it does not have a shelf-life as it is not bacteria based. This is definitely an advantage as there will be no wastage of stock. In order to accommodate international supplies standards, we have indicated 3 years. We included a 1:1 exchange after 3 years expiration if unopened in its original packing.

    No special equipment required. No pre-soaking or use of any protective gear (subject to work/job safety requirements) is required as it is non-toxic.

    It just requires natural constant agitation or movement like brushing, pressure jets or the natural flow of the water in the seas, streams or drainage pipes. It can be used in situations where the water temperature is up to as high as 170ºC making it perfectly suitable to be used in combination with steam or steam cleaners.

    Yes, depending on the applications, in most situations it can be used up to or re-cycled for 3-8 cycles depending on the amount of oil contamination and application methods. AQSP range is blended for oil recovery purpose.

    Being non-toxic, non-flammable and having no specific risks and instructions in handling and storage, with just the Safety Data Sheet (SDS), this product is accepted by international courier companies and freight forwarders.

    • Aviation
    • Food & Beverage (hotels, restaurants, food chains, food manufacturers & etc.)
    • General Cleaning Services (building, factory maintenance & etc)
    • Government agencies and ministries – Ministry of Defence.
    • Manufacturing (electronics, components, heavy, plastics, etc)
    • Oil & Gas
    • Shipping & Marine
    • Power & Energy Plants
    • Coal mining
    • It does not require special machinery
    • No pre-soaking and pre-washing – saves time and increases productivity
    • Being non-toxic, no special or protective gear is required
    • Since it does not affect the health of users, medical expenses are eliminated
    • People using it can enjoy a healthier and safer working environment, resulting in higher productivity
    • Being non-flammable (it is in fact used to put out fire), there will be less risk or occurrence of an industrial chemical fire.
    • Long shelf life on our products – 3 years. This is very suitable for the Marine industry that requires stocking of OSD (Oil Spill Dispersants) at all times.
    • We provide 1 for 1 exchange on expired products.

    N.B. The above details are a guide for our products’ usage in general situations. The quantity required is always subjected to the type of oil and the length of time that the spill has occurred

    AQ2000 products can be transported by sea freight or air cargo.

    Q : Kindly let us know how many 20 liters containers are loaded on each export pallet?

    A : 36 pails of 20 liters pails can be loaded onto one pallet.

    Q : How many pallets can a 20 FCL hold?

    A : 16 pallets into 20FCL.

    Q : How many 200 liters drums are loaded on each export pallet?

    A: 4 drums of 200 liters can be loaded onto 1 euro standard pallet.

    Q : How many pallets of 200 liters drums can be loaded on a 20 FCL?

    A : 16 pallets into 20FCL.

    Q : Length, width and height of each loaded pallet (including the pallet)?

    A : 120cm (L) x 120cm (W) x 115cm (H)

    Q : Measurement of each loaded pallet (m3)?

    A : 1.22 m3

    Q : Gross weight & Net weight of each loaded pallet?

    A : approx. 780kg (GW, inclusive of pallet, AQ2000 – 720L, and pails)

    AQ2000 does not cause rust. If there is rust after degreasing, this is due to surface of material that has no rust coating or rust protection. Oil helps to protect surface of materials that are subject to rust, therefore if the oil is cleaned off, the oxidization begins and thus causing rust.

    With regards to Bio-degradable degreasers per se, there are many bio-degradable degreasers, some are alkaline based and solvent based too. Please do note that the industry has somewhat infuse the thoughts and impression that bio-degradable products are similar, equivalent or actually environment safe products, which is actually not the case for many bio-degradable products.

    To qualify as an environmentally safe product requires many toxicity tests with various authorities and experts to qualify as environment safe product, we have the list of test reports to support our status.

    Some of the points to clarify if the product is environment safe are to review the SDS (Safety Data Sheet) –

    • If there is any chemical compound or constituents in the product, it will reflect with a Cas. No.
    • toxic/chemical hazard warning category, 1 is slight, 2 moderate, 3 toxic, 4 high-
    • review the characteristics of the product,
    • check PH values – low numbers indicate acidic levels, 6-8 are neutral (safe) & above 9-13 alkaline
    • flash point – if product has flash point means it’s flammable,
    • vapors/fumes reading
    • toxicity reports
    • special safety instructions
    • special labeling and transportation requirements

    With the above points verified, you will be able to judge the products’ authenticity as an environmental safe product.

    Eco-logix AQ2000 SuperTankClean series will be very suitable for the cleaning of piping, cooling water system and heat exchangers. This series is suitable as it's blended to assist bio-degradation process of hydrocarbons fast and has a high recycling property during confined space cleaning process.

    To show the product does not affect substrates, the non-toxicity reports from TUV (Singapore) and SIRIM (Malaysia) explains the product's safe feature and its natural composition. Since there is no toxic chemical composition, therefore it does affect substrates

    These are hydrocarbons that are above 300-500 centistokes. These are usually heavy Crude, Asphalt and Bitumen.  Due to their high viscosity, we need to preheat them before cleaning. Not an easy task. If spilled into sea, they sink; no chance of recovery or cleaning.

    SuperRigClean series is specifically formulated for degreasing, deck, oil spills and engine room maintenance. It has the formulation of a non-ionic bio-surfactant that removes oil stains and spills, of course bio-degrades and disperses hydrocarbons.  SuperRigClean is concentrated and can be used directly or dilution from 1:5 up to 1:10.

    SuperSpillClean is formulated for spills on sea, floor and soil, the formulation requires to use as it is or with dilution of 1:5 or 1:10. The blend is specially formulated to disperse various hydrocarbons.

    The key difference for the SuperRigClean series is in the surfactant strengths and detergent properties as compared to SuperSpillClean series.

    SpillClean is ready to use with further 1:1 dilution. This ready to use range is suitable for clients who require a quick and immediate use for oil spill or maintenance.

    The SuperSpillClean can dilute from 1:5 up to 1:20 with sea water or portable water. SuperSpillClean is used for shoreline cleaning, land remediation and soil treatment work, heavy oil spill on sea and land, surface cleaning of road spills, flushing of drains.

    Dispersants are used to minimize the environmental impact of an oil spill. They do not eliminate the problem of an oil spill but are intended as a means of reducing the overall environmental impact of an oil slick at sea. AQ2000 accelerates the weathering and biological breakdown of oil at sea and reduces the impact of oil on sensitive foreshore environments.

    AQ2000 is also highly effective in reducing exposure of sea birds to oil as most sea birds are oiled by slicks on the surface of the sea or in near shore coastal habitats. AQ2000 is one of the 200 approved products on IMO (International Maritime Organisation) list for oil spills.

    Undispersed slicks and residual oils are a persistent threat to foreshores, birds, mammals and intertidal communities due to the toxicity of, and contact with oil. Dispersed oil is less "sticky" than undispersed oil, therefore the adhesion and absorption onto surfaces and sediments of dispersed oil is greatly reduced compared with the original oil slick.

    AQ2000 has NO negative effects on the environment. The acute toxicity of dispersed oil generally does not reside in the dispersant but in the more toxic fractions of the oil. Dispersing oil into the water in situations where there is little water movement or exchange, such as shallow embankments, increases exposure of subsurface, benthic organisms and fish to the toxic components of the oil.

    AQ2000 aid the natural dispersion of oil by reducing the oil/water interfacial tension and, along with the natural motion of the sea, allow the breakup of oil on the water into very fine droplets.

    Effectiveness of oil dispersion by AQ2000 at sea is governed by a range of conditions and include the:

    • type and chemistry of the oil,
    • degree of weathering of the oil,
    • the thickness of the oil slick,
    • type of dispersant,
    • droplet size and application ratio,
    • prevailing sea conditions (wave mixing energy), and
    • Sea temperature and salinity.

    As quickly as possible!


    There is only a limited "window of opportunity" to use for all types of dispersants in an oil spill incident. This is primarily due to the changing properties of the spilt oil due to weathering of the oil, but is also governed by the location and speed of movement of the slick onto the foreshores or into estuarine environments. For AQ2000, it has been tested in shoreline clean-ups after more than 2 months, the bunker fuel stains were removed and fumes eliminated.

    Yes, most oil will naturally disperse and biodegrade.

    Some oils are naturally dispersed by the action of the sea or natural process on land, but it happens a lot slower than using AQ2000, and also depends greatly on the type of oil spill and subject to many conditions.

    Light oils, and oils that do not emulsify readily, are more easily dispersed by the action of the sea than heavy residual oils that are very persistent in the environment.

    AQ2000 speeds up the process of removing oil from the water surface, before it can contaminate bird and marine life, and wash up on foreshores contaminating coastal resources.

    In very calm water, dispersed oil may refloat and move as a film of dispersed oil. This slows down the natural removal processes, as its oil/water interface is much reduced compared to the situation where finely divided droplets are present in the water column in rough seas.

    In these circumstances it is necessary to agitate the water surface to assist oil dispersion. This can be done using the propellers of small craft or alternatively the water jets of high pressure fire hoses.



    Eco+Plus C300 spill kit caters for oil spills from 25L up to 50L subject to spill conditions and types of oil. It includes absorbent sheets, pillows, booms and AQ2000 Bio-disperant with a set of PPE for a crew of 2. C600 & C900 are for much larger spill sizes, it is from 80L to 200L oil spills.

    It is the only spill kit that includes AQ2000 Bio-dispersant amongst the list of highly oil only absorbent items in each spill kit. Most spill kits are packed with absorbent material and cleaning aids.

    Going Green

    All our expired products are eligible for 1 for 1 exchange so long it is unopened and sealed in its original packing.

    Greenwashing is the process of misleading consumers, glossing over the facts in order to present products as sustainable, eco-friendly and ethical. It's false marketing and unfortunately, it's standing in the way of achieving real progress where brand accountability and customer knowledge is concerned.


    Learn More

    Ways to Avoid Greenwashed Products
    - Look for certification! ...
    - Lookout for aesthetically-pleasing traps! ...
    - BEWARE of the common greenwashing words! ...
    - Ask questions. ...
    - Look for irrelevant claims. ...
    - Look for companies playing on the “Lesser of Two Evils” concept. ...
    - Transparency is important! ...
    - procure with an intention

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    Green products are products with low environmental impacts. They are defined as products with an alternative design such that less physical resources are required during its life cycle.” ... “Green products are typically durable, non-toxic, made of recycled materials, or minimally packaged.

    This misconception that going green is very expensive could be one of the major impediments for the change towards a greener and healthier society. Such medical cost, down time, shut downs and productivity losses are far much costlier to the business than using green products.


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    Going green by reducing or eliminating pollutants makes the air we breathe in clean, less exposure and contact with toxic and hazardous chemicals for us which means good health and less expenditure on hospital bills and insurance products.


    Learn More

    Green products are designed to reduce energy consumption, use less natural resources, raise the recycled materials, and reduce or eliminate toxic substances, which are harmful to both the environment and human health.

    Simply start by consulting your Health & Safety Head and listing out your chemicals used in your department/office/company. Contact us for free technical consultation on cost vs benefits.

    Going green has several other benefits for companies. These include tax credits and incentives, improved efficiency, healthier workplaces, and cost savings in the long run.

    Green tech–or green technology–is an umbrella term that describes the use of technology and science to create products that are more environmentally friendly.

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